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Drone Start is the ultimate flight check & planning app available on iOS. Drone Start is packed full of features that will help you plan a safe drone flight every time! You simply turn on your drone, plug your device into the drone controller, open the app & tap Start! Drone Start will then do a comprehensive set of checks to see if its safe to fly in your current area & it will even check your drones battery and sensors in real time to check your drone is in perfect condition to take off!

When your not out flying you can use Drone Start to create comprehensive flight plans, just type in where you want to fly and Drone Start will get Weather, GPS, Light Levels, Terrain Elevation, No Fly Zones and calculate the best time to fly that week! You can also plan your flight route and find out the elevation change & how much battery you'll have left! Plus loads more! You can view the area map and see No Fly Zones, Terrain Elevations, Sunrise/Sunset Times & Positions plus you can also see an animated Wind Map, showing the wind direction with colour coded arrows so you can immediately see if its too windy to fly or not.

Flight Checks

Perform flight checks before each drone flight. Drone Start checks Weather, GPS, KP Index, Terrain Elevation, Drone Laws, Light Levels & No Fly Zones. If you connect your drone before you begin the checks, Drone Start will also check your drones Battery Health, Sensor Health & if your drones Return To Home height is set to a safe altitude compared to the surrounding terrain.

Available Now on iOS
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