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Drone Start is coming soon...

Hey guys, Just a quicks heads up. Drone Start is now waiting to be signed off by Apple and should hopefully be available in the next few days, if it passes all Apple's checks. If you still have the old beta version on your iPhone/iPad please delete it, and then download the new version from the App Store when its released. We will be announcing the release on our Facebook Page so please Like us to find out when its available to download! There are several new features that have been added since the beta and I'm excited for everyone to check them out! Some of these include: Daily FlyCasts These are daily rich notifications that are sent to you every morning outlining the days flying conditions in your area. You also get a FlyCast Widget so you can see the days flying conditions without even opening the app! Fly Zone Alerts When enabled you will a notification warning you that you have entered a No Fly Zone, and we will tell you when you leave it too. This will save some time if you're in a new area and you're not familiar with the local no fly zones before you get your drone all setup. Solar Storm Warnings When enabled you will get a rich notification warning if a Solar Storm is forecast. Solar Storms can affect your drones GPS lock & accuracy of your Return To Home, therefore this is very handy to know if you're planning on flying.

I want to let you guys know I have big plans for this app and really want it to be the best available, we should be adding some great updates & features throughout the year. I look forward to sharing these with you. If you guys have any problems or find any incorrect information, please let me know and we will try and get it fixed ASAP! I know Fly Zone data can be patchy at best, so Im planning on adding a feature in future to allow users to add missing No Fly Zones. Thank You For All Your Support, Neil

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