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The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Research & Portfolio App

Picador has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate cryptocurrency app and provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. The app will keep track of all your investments and how they are as well as providing all the information you need about almost every coin and token. Best of all Picador is 100% FREE and contains no adverts, we will do our best to keep it this way!


The portfolio allows you to add your crypto purchases and keep track on how they are doing. For every item in your portfolio you can see all time and daily profit, percentage gains as well as information about each transaction, what exchanges the coin is trading on, what currencies are being used to buy that coin, coin price projections, upcoming events, social media stats, news, videos, tweets and links.


Picador also gives you information about almost every cryptocurrency that is trading. The market can be sorted by biggest gainers, losers, volume, new coins, vs Bitcoin and vs Ethereum. You can tap on each coin to provide a quick overview, but you can also get a lot more information such as coin statistics, exchanges, currencies, price projections, events, news, videos, social media stats, tweets and links. We also provide detailed candle charts showing the coins performance over multiple time periods as well as volume graphs. Price alerts for every coin can be setup and also alerts for upcoming events.


Picador also allows you to get up to date with latests goings on in the world of crypto. You can get the latest news, videos, podcasts and tweets about cryptocurrency.


The Oracle uses are own proprietary formulas to work out coins that could potentially rise in price in the near future. The Oracle is still very much in development and will continue to be improved upon over the coming year, we have some big plans for oracle and hope to expand on it soon.


This equation is work in progress and therefore should only be used for reference only. Do your own research, this is NOT to be used as Financial Advice under any circumstances.

Beta Test

Before we release Picador we would like to make sure it's working well and get feedback on how we can improve the app. If you would like to help test the app and get your hands on it before everyone else please sign up below.

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